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Merge Jelly Idle Adventure

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Merge Jelly Idle Adventure (by The Phoenix)

Mad robots are attacking! Merge jellys to fight back and save the world!
Find out how Ada the mad scientist “accidentally” created a bunch of pesky bots in an experiment gone wrong. Accompany the gang of jellys on their journey around the globe and help them get stronger. A gripping story awaits you in this lighthearted puzzle adventure RPG!

Merge Jelly Idle Adventure

– JELLYS of all shapes and colors. They are so cute! Can you find them all?
– MERGE jellys to make them stronger.
– BATTLE against hordes of nasty robots.
– TRAVEL to beautiful locations, from bustling streets, to an airport or a sunny beach.
– LEVEL UP to unlock more abilities and get more space for your jellys.
– UPGRADES make you and your jellys permanently stronger.
– IDLE gameplay allows you to progress while AFK.
– INCREMENTAL numbers will make you feel super powerful.

Merge Jelly Idle Adventure
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