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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Merge Kuya Island (by Netmarble)

The kuya need your help to purify their polluted island!
You’re the new Spirit Keeper, and only you can save this island!

Fill your purified island with beautiful flowers and buildings!
Create a tropical paradise for the kuya to enjoy!

Game Overvie

Merge, merge, merge!
Merge kuya and resources on your island to level up!
Everything is merge-able!

Merge Kuya Island

Kuya, the spirits of the island!
Collect different kuya, each with a unique personality!
Who will grow on your island?

Merge Kuya Island

Decorate your island!
Spores become flowers, logs become houses!
Customize your island and make the kuya happy!

Merge Kuya Island

Play strategically!
The fun continues when you explore adventure islands!
Solve puzzles and use different strategies to clear each island!

Merge Kuya Island

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Merge Kuya Island

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