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Merge Master

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💡Platform – Android | Ios(Ru,Gb)

The description of Merge Master (by My.com B.V.)

What could a young student from the Academy of High Magic expect to see when he comes home? His first guess wouldn’t be to find the castle completely sealed off and the entire kingdom in ruins. But that can’t stop the once and future Merge Mage – the one who was chosen to be the savior of that land. The one who was chosen to bring balance to that land with his merging power!

Merge Master is a completely fresh look at puzzle games that combines exciting merge gameplay with a fantasy story about beautiful kingdoms and mighty dragons. Merge Master is easy to learn, while offering deep and unique gameplay full of mysteries and exploration. Embark on a journey full of honorable deeds, giant monsters, powerful wizards, flying cows, and other awesome epic adventures in Merge Master.

Merge Master

– Merge! Combine everything you have to obtain more useful tools.
– Explore! Discover new places and items to use.
– Reclaim! Raise your very own kingdom to glory and prosperity.
– Build! Develop your city and make it the true jewel of the land.

Merge Master
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