Merge Romance


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Merge Romance (by C.C.T Games)

Elsa takes Mrs Hall to an island because of an unexpected letter. This is a holiday island that has witnessed the love of the Hall couple and poured their heart and soul into it. Long neglected islands are almost deserted. Help Elsa rebuild and run the resort island and discover the secrets hidden beneath it!

Merge tools to unlock scenarios. Restore the resort island as it was!

The new merge game arrives at
Merge Romance is a new merge game. Merge to get more useful tools to rebuild the island, and there are hundreds of decoration items waiting to merge. Resort islands are built by merging.

Merge Romance

Explore the resort island
The resort island has many Settings: villas, gardens, beaches, pools and so on. Unlock them one by one and restore the island to its former form.

Decorate and design your resort island
The island is in disrepair, come quickly to merge the decoration props, choose the furniture you like to dress up this holiday island!

Merge Romance

Run your coffee shop
The rebuilt resort island is about to open. Outdoor cafes and coffee dessert shops attract a large number of tourists. Serve coffee and refreshments to holiday guests and earn more gold to keep building the island!

Deeply buried memories and hidden secrets
Uncover memories deep beneath the sleeping resort island. As the island is unlocked, the story of Mr. And Mrs. Hall and Elsa unfolds. Then there are the baristas and pastry chefs who come in groups with secrets and all sorts of guests.

Merge Romance

In merge Romance, you can:
Combine tools to renovate the resort island
Feel relaxed in this fun merge game
Discover romantic stories and new secrets
Revamp the resort island with a brand new design
Explore the mysteries of running a resort island

Merge Romance

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