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Messy Room

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Messy Room (by Eric Hu)

Messy Room is a cartoon style and competitive battle game. This is a game that you can start easily anytime, anywhere. You will match a variety of skills, get a variety of styles of skin, defend your house through battle, and sweep all the messy monsters into the trash can.

legend of ghosts in the bedroom
You always hear all kinds of ghost legends. These strange monsters will harass your hair house. What monsters will you encounter tonight?

refreshing brush monster
A large number of monsters are coming. Pick up your broom and sweep them into the trash can after a hearty battle.

Messy Room

challenge boss
Bad, encountered a powerful boss, express use your wisdom, through moving and using skills, use a variety of methods to defeat them!

Messy Room

skill matching
Various items in your home, such as electric fan, cord board, water dispenser, doll bear, can help you. They provide a variety of skills. These skills can be matched freely and have a variety of playing methods. Come and try to see which one is the most refreshing.

Messy Room

fashion show
There are a lot of skin available in the game. You can realize these in the game if you want to be a cool ninja, a fierce pirate, or a little cute rabbit or a punk basketball player.

Messy Room

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