Meta World: My City – NFT

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Meta World: My City (by Netmarble)

The infinite possibilities start here.
Play a thrilling Board Game!
Grab land and construct landmarks that no one can take from you!

The city will be yours!

Meta World: My City Introduction

An exciting Board Game for players all over the world.
– Play the Board Game whenever you want, wherever you go!
– Compete against players all over the world and claim victory!
– Feel the excitement of rolling the dice!

Meta World: My City

Play competitive games using Let’s Get Rich characters!
– Collect characters from “Let’s Get Rich”!
– Place the characters in your deck and use their skills to customize your play style!
– Upgrade characters and come up with powerful strategies!

Meta World: My City

Own your own city real estate!
– Watch as major cities from around the world are added to Meta World: My City- starting with Manhattan, New York!
– Think big! Develop your structures and upgrade them into fascinating landmarks!
– Grow your experience by growing your collection of properties!

Meta World: My City

Customized character models!
– Create an Avatar that represents you!
– Customize your Avatar with your unique style!
– Meet the Avatar that will represent you in the Meta World now!

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Meta World: My City

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