Metal Heart : Chase Defense

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Metal Heart : Chase Defense (by 파인콘 게임즈)

Unique defense game featuring a new concept!
Go to the battlefield with a multi-functional huge machine loaded full of weapons.
Lead this fight to victory with your own outstanding strategy.

The most precious treasure of this era, Mega Heart, has disappeared!
I see thieves running away with Mega Hearts cheerfully right ahead.
We must take it back.
Chase them right now mobilizing all your resources.

Metal Heart : Chase Defense

– Whole new concept defense –

Metal Heart is a very unique defense game.
Against the enemy’s attack, you should defend your machine moving forward gradually.
To block the enemies as much as possible, you need to install all variety of weapons on your machine and assign crews.

Metal Heart : Chase Defense

– Distinctive way of combat –

Metal Heart’s enemies shoot or self-destruct, sometimes install mines and drop bombs.
Occasionally lightning strikes from the sky, furthermore, it is hard to recognize enemies at night.
You have to overcome all these circumstances with outstanding strategic play.

Metal Heart : Chase Defense

If the enemy installs mines, you can dodge and go.
If the enemy invades your machine, your battle-ready crews will counter it.
If the enemy keeps firing missiles, intercepting them with your machine gun is possible.
If the enemy’s armor is too hard, piercing it with a laser could be one of the effective ways.
When you confront the boss, it is encouraged to use crews who have a particularly high competitive spirit against the boss.
Quick defense facility installation could be needed, in case of sudden lightning strikes.

Metal Heart : Chase Defense

Get over a constant obstacles with your prominent agility and strategies.
Be the best defender, protect your machine and find the disappeared Mega Heart.

-The ultimate free-to-play action defense game
-Infinite strategy derived from 8 types of weapons and 18 support facilities
-Distinctive machines and their own special skills
-Cute but tough, attractive characteristic 100 crews
-More than 40 types of various enemy’s attack
-40 stages in diverse situation
-Efficient and powerful skill items


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