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Metal Slug : Commander

Official Launch Google Play(Global)+Apk

The description of Metal Slug : Commander

Many years have passed since the last space invader war, and the wounds that the war brought to the earth have gradually been healed.
However, peace is always short-lived, and new regional disputes are beginning to appear around the world. The headquarters has gathered outstanding commanders from all over the world to create a tenacious force to resist the new threat that is coming.
Commander, the fate of mankind is up to you.

Reproduce the classic elements
Classic roles, classic scenes, classic music, revisit the works of the previous generations of Metal Slug.

Metal Slug : Commander

Two-line strategy battle
Rich character characteristics, interesting formation strategy, and become the strongest commander together!

Metal Slug : Commander

Giant Mecha Collection
The most powerful mecha can also be included under your command to obtain super mechas and sweep away all enemies!

Metal Slug : Commander

Free to match the lineup
The card level is shared, and you can easily experience a variety of lineups.

Metal Slug : Commander

Simple and easy way to play
The gameplay is easy and fun, bid farewell to the liver burst, and experience the pure joy of the game.

Global players on the same server
Commanders from all over the world gather to form the strongest troops to stand out!

Metal Slug : Commander
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