MetaSoul – NFT/P2E

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of MetaSoul (by TAONPLAY)

Game Story
It is the year 2099. Siena, a research base was sheltered from the apocalypse caused by the global wars. Within it, the Ellan System which was left to its own devices continued its development. A state-of-the-art AI named
Elloid has been meticulously researching ways to cultivate humans that can adapt and absorb information extremely efficiently. All in hopes of trying to save what is left of Earth.

MetaSoul - NFT/P2E

Game Play
It’s a simple merge puzzle-style gameplay.
With basic team management and skill use strategy.
Easy to pick up and free to play!

MetaSoul - NFT/P2E

Game Design
MetaSoul’s heroes are detailed in 3D rendered illustrations.
The card frames are also designed to match their quality and tier grade.

MetaSoul - NFT/P2E

Humans, Ellas, Mechs, and Mutants will be divided into 4 separate tribes.
A total of 320 cards will exist at launch, varying from 1 to 7 stars.

MetaSoul - NFT/P2E

Story Mode
Story mode consists of 100 stages, where you can enjoy the cut scene stories for mini-bosses and bosses.

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MetaSoul - NFT/P2E

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