Metawar: Hero Rush(Magic Revenge)


Official Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android

The description of Metawar: Hero Rush (by TOJOY GAME LIMITED)

Meta War can bring fun to you even if you don’t have enough time, this game will automatically fight when offline; you can gain accumulated experience and rewards when you log-in, so that your growth won’t lag behind others.

There are more than 100 heroes with specific skills from six camps in this game, a variety of combinations are waiting for you to explore and discover!

Metawar: Hero Rush(Magic Revenge)

Join the guild, grow up with other players, enjoy the welfare, and participate in the guild battle to win glory!
Hero combination, station, camp halo, research your perfect strategy!
Participate in the Cross-server Global League, real-time PVP battle!
Easy and casual idle game, AI automatically battles, you just need to enjoy the victory of the battle! Heroes will fight for you even if you are offline!

Metawar: Hero Rush(Magic Revenge)

Class matching, faction restraint, real strategy and tactics! which hero you take to battle is very important!
Attractive PVP content ( ranked battle, 3V3, team competition, cross-server championship, guild battle, etc.), rich rewards!
Unique sealed Book system, use your hero and strategy to explore forward, your every choice will determine how far you can go!
There are many ways to strengthen the heroes: upgrade them, advance them, equip stronger equipment, and awaken powerful talents!

Metawar: Hero Rush(Magic Revenge)

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Metawar: Hero Rush(Magic Revenge)
Metawar: Hero Rush(Magic Revenge)

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