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Metropolis Tycoon – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Metropolis Tycoon: Mining Game (by Game Veterans)

Metropolis Tycoon is a black and white 1920’s noir idle game and mining simulator with aliens and tentacles… Don’t judge. Whether you are looking for gold rush games or offline idle games to play in your leisure, install this idle empire and have fun.

Do you think you can manage a factory or a gold mine? Are you good at tycoon games? We welcome you in idle clicker games that allow you to upgrade your management and money making skills! Become a rich tycoon in the Metropolis Inc.! Manage mining inc and digging activities, make your managers work, control each miner and become the ruling magnate of the economy. Unlock & build mining stations to produce more resources and build an idle empire!

Metropolis Tycoon - Official iOS

We have designed a business management game for adults and teens. If you are looking for mining games or a tycoon simulator, then these offline idle games bring you a great resource. You get the scope to collect resources for your factory production, develop your city and rule it!

Metropolis Tycoon - Official iOS

The Gameplay of the Metropolis Tycoon Games:

Mining inc with idle games brings you underground cities full of gold & resources. Place mine with strategic plans to boost them and earn revenue. Manage buildings and idle resources and earn money to upgrade productions. Bring your Metropolis city back to its former glory with automated mine production to become the richest tycoon!

Try this fantastic miner and start making a fortune. Play this offline tycoon simulator and unleash your powers to build a gold mine.

Metropolis Tycoon - Official iOS


Classic Idle Mining Games:
This money simulator or idle empire allows you to become a magnate. Profit from selling the items you mine at the right time and boost the warehouse to increase the amount of coins you receive when you sell. Mine 15 different resources: coal, copper, gold & more in our mining games tycoon. Play this idle simulator game whenever you feel like!

Easy yet Exciting:
These mining games come with easy yet challenging gameplay. The mine collection is automated so you don’t have to manually collect any resources. Just make sure to have enough to keep your smelting and crafting buildings going.

Beautiful & Addictive:
The amazing graphics and environmental design in this tycoon simulator will keep you going for hours. Become a pro manager at multitasking and prioritizing workflow to keep a constant flow of idle revenue – craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars.

Metropolis Tycoon - Official iOS
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