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Metropolis Z

Soft Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Metropolis Z (by Electronic Soul)

Your back is up against the wall, and mutant zombies surround you. Your people look to you to help them survive and reclaim land from the walking dead!

A dangerous world, a legendary story
Animal hosts infected with a novel virus were exposed to nuclear waste. The mutated virus jumped species and started to infect humans at an alarming speed. As social order collapsed and countries fragmented, local warlords enlisted trained personnel to consolidate power. Amidst the chaos, you capture an enemy stronghold with the help of your companions. Protect your land and your people!

Metropolis Z

Rescue beautiful girls – Patrol the city and rescue beautiful women. Romance doesn’t come easy.
Expand your territory – Challenging battles turn your troops into veteran soldiers. Strategy is key when facing your enemy.

Metropolis Z

Recruit warriors – Manpower is the key to victory. Win over the hearts and minds of the people to recruit the very finest, and they will bring you victory.

Metropolis Z

Government affairs – Make decisions that will have far-reaching effects on your people.
Raise your children – Groom your heirs! They may have been brought into a chaotic world, but it is your responsibility to love and nurture them.

Enjoy the attractions in Metropolis Z! – There’s a lot more to do than fill your enemies full of lead. Check out the entertainment in Metropolis Z.

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Metropolis Z
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