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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Metroville (by Meta Age)

Welcome to Metroville’s first closed beta!

Metroville is simulator game that’s full of exciting surprises! It’s a modern city by the sea, and you’ll get to meet friends from all around the world. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you like. It’s a place where you can have lots of fun and adventure!

Why not invite your friends to come and play with you? There are so many things to do and explore!

Explore the City of Magic!
In this city of magic, you can be whoever you want to be, like a doctor, firefighter, or builder. You can also become a rockstar and play your guitar on stage, drive a go-kart around the city, or even pretend to be a scary zombie and give your friends a shock. There are so many possibilities and it’s all up to you and your imagination!


Make New Friends!
Discover new friends in the wonderful world of Metroville and chat and hang out with them in real time! Explore the town, have a picnic, or go on exciting adventures – have fun with your friends anytime and anywhere! There are also lots of awesome games for you to play together and show off your amazing talents to the world!


Play Dress-Up and Home Design!
Metroville offers over 100 costumes and accessories for you to create your very own style! You can also decorate and build your perfect house with any furniture you like. Invite your friends over for a party and show off your amazing creativity!


Adopt Magical Pets!
Adopt adorable pets and become their best friend! You can play games with them and go on exciting adventures together, train your pets to become powerful fighters, or simply enjoy cuddling with them. And guess what? You can even transform into your pets and explore the world from their points of view!

Available: Google Play – PH, ID,


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