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Micro Smash

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Micro Smash (by GAMEBA STUDIO LIMITED)

Microbe exists everywhere but it’s always out of our sight. By playing “Micro Smash”, you can put yourself into the POV of different microbes. The light & slippery characters have to be controlled with special moving physics which simulates the movement of ‘microbe’.

The Micro World is now accessible for your exploration. Let’s start the micro-adventure by smashing across different experimental samples with low friction such as petri dish & even expired cheese!

Game Features:

– Slippery Battle:
As the micro world is slippery, you have to control the character like a vehicle rather than normal people. Let’s try to put aside common sense and experience the extraordinary moving physics

Micro Smash

– Drift, Hit & Drift
By mastering drifting while moving, you could make good use of the movement to hit the enemies in a more jolly & efficient pattern.

Micro Smash

– Ability Combo Customization
You could customize your own ability supplement set with your preferred combination. Having an adept ability combo, it would be a powerful unseen weapon during the battles.

Micro Smash

– Custom the In-game Upgrade
Several chances would be offered for upgrading your abilities temporarily among the game stages with designated choices. You are free to complete the challenges in your own way that you used to.

Micro Smash

– Various Microbes, Diverse Characteristics
More & more microbe characters would be revealed with different stories behind & specific moving & fighting attributes. Stay tuned for further updates!

– Explore the Unknown Micro World
If you are new to the Micro World, there must be a lot of “unknown” in your mind. By accessing different new game stages, there are many fun facts that are waiting for your exploration!

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