Midnight Manager: Kyabakura Sim

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Midnight Manager: Kyabakura Sim (by DS GAMES, INC.)

Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure in Midnight Manager, a fun time-management game. Manage a hostess club, earn money, win boss battles with rival clubs, progress up the career ladder and climb to the very top!


In this idle game you become the manager of a hostess club. It’s a time-management game in which you have to serve all your guests on time. You have to work very hard to satisfy the guests of the club.

Midnight Manager: Kyabakura Sim


Your main character in the past was an employee of a large corporation. However, as a result of corporate intrigue, he has been fired and has a huge debt pinned on him. He grabs the only job offer and becomes the manager of a hostess club. Intrigue and betrayal, struggle and competition are all waiting for you in the Midnight Manager story adventure!

Midnight Manager: Kyabakura Sim


As in tycoon games you can invest the money you earn into club improvements to make the game easier or spend it on clothes and accessories for the hostesses. You can also completely customize the hostesses, changing their hair and makeup.

Midnight Manager: Kyabakura Sim

Download Midnight Manager and dive into a world full of positive emotions! In this simulator you can become the best manager in the history of the kyabakura industry!


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