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Mighty Arena (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Mighty Arena (마이티 아레나) by Longtu

Various events are in progress, so be sure to check out the benefits through the community!
Official site address: https://mightyarena.com/

With the hero in the legend!
With the cute but powerful heroes from the legendary legend!
Meet new heroes and grow your heroes even stronger!

마이티 아레나

Build the strongest strategy!
Build your own strategy based on match and combination between heroes!
A confrontation that could not even be imagined without the distinction between good and evil or race
Build a variety of decks with your own strategy.

마이티 아레나

Level up without connecting!
An advanced offline automatic hunting system that anyone can easily enjoy!
Level up your hero without a connection! Enjoy easy growth.

마이티 아레나

Endless variety of benefits!
You can summon the race you want just by logging in every day!
Endless benefits full of fun, missions, and rewards!

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