Mighty Hero

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mighty Hero (by Odis)

Enter a dangerous world and make your way through various realms until you reach your final destination.
It’s waiting for you – BRAVE HERO – something dark, something only you can defeat.

Fight with monsters, avoid traps, make the right choices during your journey, and remember – you have only one approach.

Try all your heroes, know their unique skills, level up to get stronger, equip them with powerful runes and clash with your enemies.

Complete stage by stage, there are always rewards at the end.

Mighty Hero

Dive into fantasy, role – playing, roguelite, RPG adventure.
Every decision you make, every path you choose matters.
No run will be the same.

Mighty Hero

Key features:
Simple two buttons control – specialy designed for one hand play
Level up different classes with unique skills
Random maps and upgrades so not two runs are same
Different paths after each boss – the choice is yours
Epic boss battles
Save the world from Darkness!

Mighty Hero

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