Mighty Heroes of Magic

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mighty Heroes of Magic (by Entertainment Network LTD)

When the Gate of Abyss covered in the mist opens, the demons invade this devastated world. There is a voice in your heart guiding you embarking on the path of becoming a hero.

SAVIOR, you came! Dark Magic has spread to the whole city. The fate of Erathia Kingdom falls on your shoulder!

– Card Collection, summon hundreds of classic creatures
– Rally your troops, witness your loyal partners becoming legendary
– Evolve creatures to the next tiers to unleash their true power
– Equip your team with GEM and ARTIFACT to defeat the UNDEAD

Mighty Heroes of Magic

– Have a quick strategic RPG battle with fierce opponents.
– Duel with players across the globe in ARENA
– Challenge BOSS alongside friends in Guild War
– Venturing in multi-stages to discover the unknown MAGIC WORLD

Mighty Heroes of Magic

Mage Guild
– Heroes could learn magic power and control turn the tide of battle
– Set magic style to combine all types of elemental skills
– Design and use your own magic style to be victorious in battles
– Enjoy exquisite graphics and unique biological design

Mighty Heroes of Magic

– Gain EXP and Resources while offline, challenge instances to boost power
– Auto Combat mode, Skip Battle feature save your time
– Complete In-game Activities, Daily Quests to win rewards!

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/MightyHeroesOfMagic

Mighty Heroes of Magic

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