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The description of ミコノート はれときどきけがれ (by 株式会社ドリコム)

“Mikonote is sometimes injured” -This is a story that tells an irreplaceable daily life that depicts a mysterious communal life with a shrine maiden.

Under one roof with the shrine maiden

When the hero woke up, there was a girl there. Looking around, it looks like a room in a shrine.
She said the girl she called her “Yumi” and she was a shrine maiden who served the shrine.
Losing her memory, the hero who has nowhere to go will be allowed to stay with her with her kindness.

Kitan [Japanese style x Ayakashi x Bishoujo game app]
Suddenly a catastrophe … The battle between Miko and Noroi.
The tentative calm “everyday” collapses, and the “everyday” that subdues Noroi is the real thing.
Girls (Miko) who carry a strange fate. Was the irreplaceable days with Miko and his friends a mess? Where is the truth of this world?
The bond with Miko changes fate! ??
What is the true daily life? A story that looks at the answer.

ミコノート はれときどきけがれ 美少女育成x3Dx物語RPG

Character [Beautiful 3D and illustrations]
Miko’s unique and attractive girls, the mysterious alchemist Doctor J with an unknown background, the princesses who appear in Japanese mythology such as Izanami and Ame-no-Uzume, and the hostile existence Noroi and youkai / Nekomata are depicted lively. ..

ミコノート はれときどきけがれ 美少女育成x3Dx物語RPG

Appearance cast [Gorgeous voice actors]
Color your daily life with charming Miko!
Akinatsu Saito, Lynn, Yurika Shinohara, Yurika Kubo, Ayaka Ohashi, Akari Kito, Kazuyuki Okitsu, Nao Toyama, Yu Kobayashi, Ayane Sakura, Aoi Yuki, Asami Seto, Sayumi Suzushiro, Maaya Uchida, and many others (titles omitted)

ミコノート はれときどきけがれ 美少女育成x3Dx物語RPG

Battle [Mechanic x Beautiful Girl]
A battle scene drawn in 3D with a sense of reality!
With the power of the kami in its body, defeat Noroi.

ミコノート はれときどきけがれ 美少女育成x3Dx物語RPG

System [Cute girl? Moe character? A witch? ]
Customize your room and costumes as you like!
By deepening the bond with Miko, a new page of Miko’s daily life is …!

Official website https://www.mikonote.jp/

ミコノート はれときどきけがれ 美少女育成x3Dx物語RPG

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