Milky Way ~ Galaxy Adventure ~

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Milky Way ~ Galaxy Adventure ~ (by Alpheratz*)

The Milky Way collapses and I can’t go beyond the universe!
A girl’s flight to regain the light of the missing stars!
It’s starting now!

Adventure to regain the heart of a star!
Enemies who aim for the hearts of stars that make up the Milky Way!
Why do they want the heart of a star?
Go around the universe to stop enemies from plotting and restore light to the stars!

Milky Way ~ Galaxy Adventure ~

Stage with various concepts!
There are various concepts of planets in space, including ice stars, ghost stars, and parfait stars!
When the stage is cleared, the progress of the planet goes up.
When the progress of the planet reaches 100%, a new planet will open!
There are about 200 stages waiting for you!

Milky Way ~ Galaxy Adventure ~

Cool shooting with a simple touch!
Avoid and shoot flying missiles with a touch and defeat enemies!
When the gauge is full, tap to use a bomb move and dash away the monster group!
If you’re out of stamina, play a mini game to get the necessary goods!

Outfits with various concepts!
Outfits with 20 different abilities!
The higher the level of your outfit, the more effectively you can defeat your enemies!

Let’s make our own constellations with stars!
Combine star dust to make stars of different sizes!
Place and name stars of various sizes in one line, create and share your own constellations!

Milky Way _ Galaxy Adventure _

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