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Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame (by SEEC Inc.)

“Your dad borrowed money from us, then he went on the run.
Without repaying a cent, of course. Keeping up so far?”
“Just how much did he…?”

“10 billion.”
“10 bil…!?”

Hinana is saddled with her father’s debt. (You can change the heroine’s name)
She borrows a building from Mr. Debt Collector and decides to start a cafe…!

Clumsy childhood friend
“But now that I’m here, you can rest assured! Hahahahaha!”

Open cafés with handsome guys.
Easily earn 10 billion with autoplay & swiping!

Voice Actors
・Shohei Komatsu
・Masatomo Nakazawa
・Gen Sato
・Yuki Sakakibara
・Takeo Otsuka
・Shunichi Toki
・Seiichiro Yamashita
・Sho Kano

System Introduction
1. Free and easy to operate
Easy to play with swiping and mini-games!
You can save a lot of money by launching the app in your spare time.
Open up a number of cute and unique cafés!

Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame

2. Join forces with the guys
As you upgrade the level of the staff, their productivity will increase, making it easier to get money, and a new storyline will happen between you and the staff!
Try to deepen your relationship with the guys.

Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame

3. Play mini-games with the guys
Play mini-games with him such as High & Low, Finding Things, and Rock Paper Scissors with the staff!
The more you play, the closer you get to paying off your debt.

Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame

4. Redecorate the entrance
The appearance of the building can be customised according to your preferences.
Decorate the entrance with items that remind you of the guys, and try various combinations!

Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame

5. Give gifts to the guys
If you select two staff members and ask them to do “Touting,” special speech bubbles and scenarios will occur!
If you use the items and diamonds you’ve earned to give gifts to the guys, you might catch a glimpse of an unexpected side to them…?

Million Dollar Boys: OtomeGame

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