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Mine Legend 2 – Idle Miner RPG

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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Mine Legend 2 – Idle Miner RPG (by Mine Legend 2 – Idle Miner RPG)

Have you considered how to become the king of miners? Defeat the mine monsters by managing your miner team and formulating strategies, and get enough resources to make your team stronger and stronger!

Mine Legend 2 - Idle Miner RPG

Lead the team to explore continuously in various mines, use the mined resources to hire more miners and upgrade, they will automatically mine more mineral resources for you! Face the challenges of various cave monster leaders and formulate team strategies. After winning the battle, you can enter the richer mine! This is not a clicker game, nor does it require endless clicks like other online click simulators.

Mine Legend 2 - Idle Miner RPG

MineLegend2 is an IDLE & RPG game that combines idle mining and team deployment, constantly challenging various monsters and monster leaders in the mine and becoming the famous king of miners. The purpose of MineLegend2 is to continuously defeat monster leaders and enter new mines, obtain more mineral resources, cultivate and expand the miner team to defeat stronger leaders. The difference between this game and other idle games is that you need your strategy to manage the team of miners, free your hands in the rest of the time, and enjoy this mining game!


MineLegend2- Idle Miner RPG
① Automatic mining to increase your idle income: no need to keep clicking like in an online casual clicker simulator!
②Get idle iron, gold and diamonds: even if you are offline, you can continue to get mineral resources!
③Rescue various miners and configure talent skills to increase the mining ability of the team! Build your own mining team!
④Strategic configuration of miner skills and configuration to meet various challenges and mysterious events!
⑤A variety of minerals, rich mining maps, and mine monsters with unique skills are waiting for your exploration and discovery!
⑥Collect large amounts of iron ore, gold and diamonds in this currency and mine management simulator! This is not like other money games!
⑦Raise the ranking and become the most powerful and wealthy mining emperor! Will not click like other online click games.
⑧Enjoy your own mining adventure treasure hunt~

Through automated mining and strategic team configuration to deal with various challenges and unknown surprises, you can seize the opportunity to become the king of this mining world. There are also rich challenge activities, allowing you to freely mine! No need to click or click the game like an online clicker simulator! Try this gold and diamond treasure game!

Digging for gold and diamonds becomes endless! Become the mining king! Welcome to this MineLegend2 game, it is different from other idle games!

Mine Legend 2 - Idle Miner RPG
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