Minigod Madness


Soft Launch Android + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Minigod Madness (by Roboto Games)

Mix and match mighty gods to conquer the arena.

What if Thor commanded the Knights of the Round Table or Robin Hood stole Zeus’ thunderbolts? Remix your heroes and battle for glory.

Assemble a team of mythological characters, enhance them with powerful weapons and abilities, and go to war with your opponents.

Minigod Madness
Minigod Madness
Minigod Madness

Fast 1 minute PvP battles
Collect and upgrade new gods and heroes
Play solo or multiplayer with friends and enemies
Choose your heroes strategically
Cast your spells wisely to win
Conquer the leaderboard
Complete quests for valuable rewards
Regular updates with new content
New style of auto chess
Epic legion battle simulator
Competitive game league
Play idle PvP or active strategy games

Available: Google Play / App Store – PH

Minigod Madness

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