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The description of 미니어스: 작지만 놀라운 모험 (by BILIBILI)

A special adventure that was not in the world begins!
A small but amazing world of various and unique figures! ‘Minias’

“Come on! Now it’s your turn to be my master.”
We invite you to a small but amazing world full of accidents and accidents.

Enjoy your own 3D figure world!
The world of figures perfectly realized with high-end 3D rendering technology!
With the addition of the super luxurious voice actors, ‘Minius’ is born with more vitality!

미니어스: 작지만 놀라운 모험

Make your own showcase!
Display unique and attractive figures in a unique display case.
A small but amazing world is now unfolding before your eyes.

미니어스: 작지만 놀라운 모험

Experience your own thrilling battle!
Strategically place and combine attractive figures with various abilities.
You can directly experience high-quality animation effects on the three-dimensional FULL 3D battlefield.

미니어스: 작지만 놀라운 모험

Start your own easy growth!
Even at this moment when you are not watching, the adventures of the figures continue.
Please check the gifts of figures pouring in the moment you log in to the game.

미니어스: 작지만 놀라운 모험

Official website http://minius.biligame.kr/#p-1

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community
미니어스: 작지만 놀라운 모험
Minneas (KR)Minneas (KR)

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