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Mir 4 (Kr)

Official Launch Google Play+Apk

Preload is available, the start of the project is scheduled for 11/25/2020.

The description of Mir 4

Super-large launch event where anyone can be the main character
We are the first to inform you of the latest news of Mir 4.
Official site: https://mir4.co.kr
Official Community: https://forum.mir4.co.kr

Which path will the warrior choose in the Mir continent?

Looking for a new heart-beating experience?
You can live a peaceful life by hunting and gathering.
You can go on an adventure and war to have a world.
Any path will be the one chosen by the warrior.

Where your imagination becomes a brilliant reality
My chosen path, Mir 4

Oriental movement depicted with oriental aesthetics
The grace of oriental martial arts flowing from your fingertips to your body
Experience the sense of speed of light air that divides the space with a cheerful leap.


All paths lead to growth! Fourth Quarter Play
If you are tired of the existing game that only forces you to hunt,
Hunting/Gathering/Mining/Fortune Breakfast
Meet Mir 4, where time invested leads to growth and trading.


Prevent fraudulent transactions with AI system! Cash money exchange
Blocking sources of illegal transactions and workplaces with advanced AI system
An exchange that protects users with a sound and safe trading environment opens.


Free competition for boss raid rewards, free routing system
Anyone can have it, but not everyone.
A new concept free competitive routing system independent of contribution and participation.


The loot of the expedition of the Mir continent, the blue dragon statue and the mark of the wyrm
Mir 4 does not forget your time and effort.
Hunting and subjugation, magical defense and non-jeongbong, and various events
Collect the Blue Dragon Statue and the Wyrm’s Token through Tamhung on the Mir continent.
As the time of exploration and adventure accumulates, even hero equipment can become yours.


Before the occupation of Bigok, which will dominate the interests of the Mir 4 economy
Heukcheol, essential for equipment enhancement and production. The only mining site secret.
Moonpa that occupied Bigok occupies the black iron of all black iron mined.
Win-win through monopoly or coexistence through control of Bigok.
Only the name of the warrior who occupied the secret can decide.

From My Battle, To Our War, Siege
A long adventure to surpass myself
A challenge that crosses life and death with the members of the Munpa. The end of that expedition.
A fierce and huge bout to cover the strongest doorpa
The Siege of Mirman, which unfolds on the strength and honor of the Moonpa, comes.

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