Miracle Island – Merging Games

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Miracle Island – Merging Games (by JoyParty Game)

Hello! Every explorer from all over the world, welcome to an island full of unknowns and miracles.
On the island, you can experience the fun of merging and exploration, meet trustworthy companions, and join them to follow the clues in the fog and discover the secrets buried in time.
There are abundant resources on the island, allowing you to merge building materials, build your own campsite, and shelter the adventurers from the wind and rain.
Combine saplings into fruit trees, harvest lots of fruit, and process them into delicious food in the workshop.
Clear the fog, explore the wider world, and uncover the unknown mysteries step by step.

This is the unexplored virgin land, where miracles are born.


[Unique Gameplay]: Continuously explore new islands through merging and building, step by step to get closer to the secrets hidden behind the legends.

Miracle Island - Merging Games

[Free Placement]: The objects on the island can be placed freely. Different atmospheres and items are closely matched with the scene to build your own island of miracles.

Miracle Island - Merging Games

[Cool Merging]: The gameplay is simple and easy, three-in-one, five-in-two, and hundreds of items are waiting for you to merge and discover. While relieving stress and healing, these items also fill your collection.

Miracle Island - Merging Games

[Fresh Experience]: Colorful buildings, crops, workshops, residential houses and communities bring a unique simulation experience.

[Brilliant Characters]: Cute, outspoken, powerful, and learned characters, there is always the one you love.

Miracle Island - Merging Games

Created by ©PalmassGames

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