Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 奇蹟MU (by GAMENOW TECHNOLOGY)

“Just believe, there will be miracles”

Built with UE4 engine, easy to play without liver or class, the top magical 3D mobile game that the whole people must play
“Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel” reunited at this moment
Return to the miracle classic and recreate the pinnacle of memories

Unreal Engine creates a cinematic 3D world view

Breaking through the traditional 2.5D limit, the first full 3D miracle MU authentic sequel, can fly to the sky, can dive, 360 ° no dead angle immersion experience the magnificent magnificence of the miracle continent.

Open world, unfettered exploration by sea, land and air

An open magical map of 55 million square meters: the vast expanse of wonderland, the mysterious and magnificent underwater world of Atlantis, the magnificent city in the sky, and unfettered exploration by sea, land and air.


Freely drop treasure, free trading at auction

Rare equipment, gems, mounts and all monsters have the opportunity to drop treasures, free trade to enjoy the joy of overnight wealth; high rewards in the auction house, allies share auction profits; no plug-ins throughout the game, enjoy the fair treasure drop environment on the entire map.


Brothers work together, Roland City shows its might

Friends grab the dungeon to increase your combat power, build the strongest alliance, Roland City battle blood PK, dominate the whole server, and get rare props and mounts together.


Fair play three-on-three real-time competition

Hot-blooded PVP, dazzling combat special effects, full-screen ultimate spike; 3V3 real-time arena, fair competition operation is king.

Cross-server city battle, tens of thousands of people fight at the same time

The cross-server war zone gameplay is open all day, tens of thousands of cross-server legions are fighting chaotically; the 100 alliance strategy confrontation, competing for the ownership of each city, everyone may affect the trend of the battle and create their own miracles.

One hundred thousand young people, one hundred thousand liver, game upgrade without liver

When offline, you can continue to accumulate experience, and you can upgrade directly to receive experience online, and you no longer need a fresh liver.


Buddha Heart Points, Rare Void Treasures Free Exchange

Completion activities and tasks will earn corresponding points, which can be exchanged for rare items, equipment, mounts and other rewards.

Excellent equipment, perfect inheritance without worry

Equipment enhancements, additions, inlays, etc. can all be directly inherited, so you don’t have to worry about wasting resources after changing the equipment.

Exquisite pinch face, your own exclusive role

The original three-point face pinching system makes it easy to complete the exclusive image. Through detail adjustment, you can adjust all the details as you like. With exquisite expressions and movements, every place is my catwalk.

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/mu2game/

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW


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