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Miracle Storm

Early access(Beta Test) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Miracle Storm (by Node Game)

Welcome to experience the 3V3 MOBA game in the real world “Miracle Storm”. Unlike the traditional MOBA game, we have added Roguelike gameplay to make the game more strategies, so that the same hero can explore a variety of tactics.

Fight into the world alone, team up with friends, release skills, occupy the center, destroy the base, and fast battles in about 5 minutes, allowing you to experience all the fun of PC MOBA game, action games, competitive games, casual games, adventure games, and strategy games!

The hero needs to fight!

Integrated Roguelike gameplay, the unknown fun is always in the next second.
A shield is not always a shield. After the hero’s skills are upgraded, you can transform into an assistant, a mage, or an assassin. The attributes of the hero are determined by you!

Miracle Storm

Heroes and pets, strategy matching
Pets are not only cute, but also a good helper on the battlefield, strategically matched to form a perfect partner!

Miracle Storm

5 minutes of battle
We can’t afford a fight for half an hour,and the fast pace can also make you happy!

Miracle Storm

New MOBA map, easy to control the audience
There is no complicated three-way map. You can upgrade the hero’s frontal stance, or occupy the central organ tower to reverse the situation. Fierce battles are on the horizon!

Miracle Storm

3V3 team, quickly play
The three-person team makes it easier for you to invite friends to play together, and your feelings quickly heat up!

Real-time competition, real-time battle
The battle between humans and humans, a competitive PK feast for global players!

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community

Miracle Storm

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