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The description of MIRAI-Dream Trip (by Turboseed Studio)

MIRAI is a creative adventure game. This is a game with very distinctive art and gameplays, which contains various and creative designs. The producer tries to make the game interesting by no-fighting, however, players need to think about how to accomplish the goal in a way of “winning by skill”. Each area of the game will bring different experience and gameplays, allowing players to undergo freshness in every link and think about emotional cues in current state of mind of the protagonist. Throughout the game, players need to avoid the crisis brought by the enemy, and cope with the challenges and puzzles one by one.

Game Features

Extremely creative and rich puzzle solving mechanism
A stealth game that integrates adventure strategy and operation, and uses non-combat mode to solve puzzles.

MIRAI-Dream Trip
MIRAI-Dream Trip

Artistic three-dimensional composition full of artistic conception
The game composition adopts a minimalist style for an artistic three-dimensional structure, and the combination of black and white cool tones will make you wander in it.

MIRAI-Dream Trip
MIRAI-Dream Trip

Immersive music that touches the heart and soul
In an artistic composition style, paired with original, ethereal music that touches the soul for an immersive experience.

MIRAI-Dream Trip

Created by ©PalmassGames

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