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Missing Heroes

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android

The description of Missing Heroes

The perfect combination of Collector RPG and Idle RPG!

Characters can level up even offline with Auto Battle!

Apply a variety of strategies with the system of changing heroes!

High quality DOT game for pixel art lovers!

Minimum downtime.

Heroes will participate in battles automatically, even when you are offline!You can level up your heroes constantly, no matter where you are.Awesome rewards even if you sign up once in a while!Collect rewards in various ways, including Auto Battle, Dungeon and Missions!

Missing Heroes

Unique characters, exciting skills

Spectacular skills for maximum visual effect!Immerse yourself in exciting fighting!

Missing Heroes

Super Fine Pixel Heroes
   Collect all the super-quality pixel heroes!
   Check out the super high quality pixel heroes!

Missing Heroes

Hero change system for combined strategies
   Mix and match 6 different Class heroes and their combo skill system, and change them in the middle of the battle for the ultimate strategic tactic!
   It may seem simple, but the strategic application is limitless.

Compete with players around the world in the Arena
   Compete with players from all over the world in the Arena with a variety of rules and get rewards for every season.
   Challenge yourself to become the champion of the Arena, maximizing the mix of heroes and the strategy game system.

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Missing Heroes
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