MMORPG Follow Me Online – ENG

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of MMORPG Follow Me

Over 50 heroic characters you’ve never met in an MMORPG!
Hunt a boss monster that is 10 times larger than a hero character!
Party-hunt the more vicious and unique local bosses that you cannot handle alone!

MMORPG can be raised while neglecting.
Convenient automatic hunting system assisted by server AI!
Even if you log out, the server AI supports automatic hunting and party hunting through simulation!

MMORPG 날따라와 온라인

Party play consisting of 4 players by selecting more than 50 heroes!
Warrior, Knight, Archer, Wizard, Healer 5 types of character can be selected!
Hunt the heinous boss monsters with the most efficient faction composition and other user party composition!

MMORPG 날따라와 온라인

Nostalgic stimulation Enjoy the fun of deuktem and farming with a variety of item options!
Enjoy the fun while checking!
Item farming fun obtained by supporting the convenient automatic hunting system!
Acquisition of high-quality unique items obtained through production and manufacturing!

MMORPG 날따라와 온라인

Revived the fun of 1:1 trading with the private store that disappeared from the mobile MMORPG!
Open your own personal store in town!
Make 1:1 transactions with other users!
These are the real fun of MMORPG life!

MMORPG 날따라와 온라인

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