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MMORPG SouthernCross (ENG)

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The description of MMORPG SouthernCross

War between allies to win Trinium
Join the Trinium War where three allies compete
Use the powerful boss Adam and Mechanic to become the hero of the war.

MMORPG SouthernCross (ENG)

vast SF worldview and solid story
Now that humanity is destroyed and dreams of revival …
You are the savior of mankind, save the chaotic world

MMORPG SouthernCross (ENG)

Differentiated Training System, Skill Container
Create your own skill tree through skill containers!
Win the battle in a unique way with your own personality!

MMORPG SouthernCross (ENG)

Foster your own character!
Cultivate your own unique character with status and skill distribution!
Show your stylish personality using vehicles, avatars, and more!

MMORPG SouthernCross (ENG)
MMORPG SouthernCross (ENG)

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