Moa Three Kingdoms

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 모아삼국 (by

Collect all benefits!
From the weapons of the SSR, which is provided simultaneously with the launch
Up to 400 drawings in a row with a high probability!
SSAP is possible without charging with infinite gold coins!


LEVEL UP even if you are busy in real life!
Collect experience points, even if they are left unattended!
A true idle RPG that can even share levels


Experience paradise with beautiful graphics!
Beautiful character designs and beautiful and sophisticated 2D fantasy graphics!
The first to enjoy the eyes of the RPG Three Kingdoms!


Win with a strategy that thrives on neglect!
Wii, touch, oh special skills unique to the military!
Exciting with various strategic combinations!


Be with Choi E until the end!
The R grade can be upgraded to SSR!
Any map, any level!
The best combination for your taste!

Available: Google Play – KR


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