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Mobile Rush

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Mobile Rush (by Mobile Rush)

MobileRush is a war-themed strategy mobile game developed with Unity3D engine. The story is set in Norse mythology, and the art style is cute.

Mobile Rush

You will be playing a lord who, under the help of the heroes of different races, starts with basic forces and grows stronger facing different kinds of challenges. The goal is to become the most powerful lord who commands an invincible army.

In MobileRush, the elements of the battles are quite the same as that of the real ones. Each victory grants you some Coins and Trophies; the Coins are used to enhance the heroes and the units, and a certain number of Trophies grant you great rewards. When the Formation feature is unlocked, you will be able to enjoy the fun of deploying multiple kinds of units.

Mobile Rush

In MobileRush, you have to adjust their strategy before battle. The battle system having been simplified, you only have to do a few operations during battle without losing fun. The combinations of different heroes and different units will bring different effects to the battle.

Mobile Rush

Various Heroes and Units
There are various kinds of heroes and units in MobileRush:
●The tough and relentless Undead
●The peaceful and kind Elven
To bring you diverse experience, we are working on more races and will release them in future updates.

●Tanks: they can absorb more damage and always stay in the front.
●Raiders: they can launch surprise raids from the enemy’s back.
●Healers: they can heal friendly heroes and soldiers.
●Ranged soldiers: they have strong attack power and can deal huge damage.
●Functional buildings: they include different types of traps and siege weapons, which can add twists to the battle.

Mobile Rush
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