Mobilizable Hero

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The description of Mobilizable Hero (by Manann Game)

“Mobilizable Hero” is a casual placement cultivation game.The game operation mechanism is simple。 The gameplay is very casual。 Although the difficulty of getting started is low, the upper limit of operation is high。Using
different strategies can be matched with different lineup.Set of formation, collection, evolution, entry, competition and other gameplay, but around the battle, plot, copy and other aspects of a series of innovations and breakthroughs.Flexible hero lineup, you are the man selected by god —— to save the mainland of the think tank strategist!

Full of sincerity, The benefits to freeloader
At present, the resources in Hero Story can be obtained through daily tasks, combating, and clearing the stage!
Through the free gift package, daily tasks, hanging up and other ways to obtain resources can fully meet the player’s hero cultivation.
The wonderful game, which is very interesting, freeloader not to be missed!

Mobilizable Hero

A really idle game,Hanging up can also become stronger
On the basis of free resources, Placement play is also a characteristic that cannot be ignored.
Most of the gameplay is fragmented,.Offline can also have hanging benefits, This game can help you easily kill some scattered boring time. We have burden design, Players do not have to spend many times and moneys. it is real sincerely.Great for players who enjoy casual games.

Mobilizable Hero

Flexible lineup and variable strategy
We also have unique hero designs and flexible lineup configuration.Diversified collocation can carry out a variety of tactics.All players have a chance to play freely.
Open up your imagination and challenge it!

Mobilizable Hero

Super-burning plot, immersive experience
When the survival of the mainland is urgent, you, chosen by god, choose to save the mainland, or hide behind the people to protect yourself?Be a hero may regret for a while, but be a coward will regret for a lifetime.
In reality, the ordinary people like you and me can also be hero in this game!
Who said chuunibyou can’t be a hero?!

Created by ©PalmassGames

Mobilizable Hero

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