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MOG Supernatural School

Official Launch(Beta)+Apk

The description of MOG Supernatural School

1:1 Dual Between Supernaturals
A big and dangerous scuffle between kids with superpowers!
Win a battle against rushing students and powerful magic attacks.

MOG Supernatural School

Team Up with The Best Combination
Form the best team with students with unique skills!

There Are Always Unexpected Surprise!
A sleepyhead falls asleep anywhere and the so-called skull-crasher who beats any kids around.
Mischievous kids with unique personalities are guarding MOG with their superpowers.

MOG Supernatural School

It might be “Too much” for somebody, but you can’t easily hate these kids who have these overflowing charms.

MOG Supernatural School

The Unique Skills
3 angels of the School canteen who are in charge of warm bread, cool drinks, and snacks.
They’re nice and sweet, but be careful! if you make them upset, they might beat you up!

MOG Supernatural School
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