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Neogenesis(Mollector) – NFT

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC | iOS (Coming soon)

The description of Mollector – Trading Card Game (by Mollector Studio)

Set in a mystical-themed, Mollector takes place in a fantasy universe full of wonder and also fraught with chaos. Embarking on the adventure, players would collect Warriors cards from Six Factions to create a deck of 5 cards that can produce 120 formations, which lead to over 14000 game results in each play. Players are guaranteed an exciting experience playing in various game modes and could earn lucrative rewards.


1. Play modes: The game is easy to play but hard to master. Winning a battle is simple but can take a lot of time to research and form a winning formation strategy. The game modes are PvP, PvE, Brawl mode and Tournament.

Mollector - Trading Card Game

2. Auto-combat: Modern Trading card game is not turn-based, but offers auto-combat hand-free during the combat phase. Each game session is also shorter than that in a traditional trading card game. Mollector also uses asynchronous game mechanism to instantly match the players of the same skill level in PvP mode. There is no interruption during combat even when your network is lost.

3. Upgrading cards: In the game, Players a.k.a Mollectors will collect their cards, trade, combine, upgrade to stronger Hero cards to compete against friends and others.

Mollector - Trading Card Game

4. Factions: The species co-existing in the Mollector world are categorized into Beast, Dragon, Demon, Elemental, Merch and The Lost, the remaining warriors that do not belong to any of the factions.

Mollector - Trading Card Game

5. Genesis Molecule (MOL): The special molecular elements forming the matter in the Mollector World. Due to its unique and important property, Molecule is considered the main currency.

Mollector - Trading Card Game

6. Radiation Energy (RADI): the fuel of the Mollector world and the energy needed to transform Genesis Molecule elements into the unlimited source of energy.

Mollector - Trading Card Game

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Mollector - Trading Card Game
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