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Monster Strike: Ghost Scramble

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ゴーストスクランブル (by XFLAG, Inc.)

Kick off ghosts with the cooperative play of Buster who fights with Hikari attack and Drone who supervises and supports friends by dropping guides and items!

How to play
Let’s defeat the ghost while cooperating with up to 3 busters and 1 drone!
Buster: We will fight by making full use of Hikari attack and ally ghost “Mon Q”!
Drone: Supervise Buster with a wide field of view and guide, and support by dropping items and recovering HP!


Quest strategy
There are many Wal Qs and gimmicks that stand up against the player in the quest!
In Time Attack mode, you can compete with your friends and rivals from all over the country for clear time!


Mon Q Avatar
The skill and direction of Q shots are different for each Mon Q! Let’s master various Mon Q!
Also, avatars can be freely squeezed! Let’s enjoy fashion to your liking!


Interaction with friends
In multiplayer, you can communicate using emotes in the matching room!
You can also play quests while talking via voice chat!
Furthermore, if you use “Noisy Game Highlights”, you can automatically record the exciting scenes you are playing and easily share them on SNS!

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