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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of MonsterJudger (by CrkTeam1210)

Everyone’s Convinced belief finally became a reality

Have you heard about it? Those rumors are all true! Various statements confirming urban legends have sprung up all over the world. With people’s word of mouth, they have strengthened the power of the monsters, made them real, and raged everywhere.

To this end, the judgers will stand up and fight to protect their beliefs, follow the protagonists in the game to explore this wonderful world, and pursue the source of the monsters out of control!

Monster Judger continues to recruit people!

Skill Sets
Each adventure can carry five monsters to assist in the battle, and each monster has two special skills! Match with the traits of the summoned monsters to form your strongest team!


Monster Development
Take those grueling little monsters home and train them! Feed the soul orbs to increase your strength, and your former enemy will be your strongest partner in the future! The stronger the monsters trained by the judgers, the higher their own abilities!


Urban Legends
When urban legends become reality, will you fight hard, or will you run away in a hurry? All the enemies of the levels are the urban legends that exist in this world, let us face the fear in our hearts together——


Test Operation
The monsters with increased power are struggling to use all kinds of offensives against you, you must try all kinds of ways to avoid them. Be careful! Don’t accidentally hide in the dark corner, that is their favorite place.

Travel Around the World
Follow the characters in the game on missions and experience the different customs of each country! More maps will be launched in the future, so stay tuned!

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