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Morikomori Life

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 森こもり生活 (by Level Infinite)

“Mori Komori” is a Japanese-style country life game where you can experience everyday life. The player becomes the main character and travels back to his hometown of Komori Village, where he farms, farms, and hunts. He lives his idyllic country life, happily helping each other. Follow the site and community for new content, and please follow us

Back to the countryside
You can experience her slow life in the rural countryside. Cultivate vegetables in the village of Komori, collect resources in the overgrown forest, play cute rabbits and marmots outdoors, play cute rabbits and marmots outdoors, and explore on a quiet night. Go on an adventure and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Cultivate a variety of crops and ingredients with your own hands , enjoy fishing , and send a heartwarming and wonderful

(Fashionable as you like and create your own style) Various costumes, parts, and furniture are released, so you can wear it in a comfortable casual style, a lovely taste, or a trendy style.
, . Use your imagination to create your own designs and create the life of your dreams.


Technology, home of dreams

Acquire various skills such as resource gathering, tool making, construction techniques, furniture assembly, and design making, and make various furniture and remodel the garden. Let’s restore the garden and make our dream home a reality, one step at a time.

Relaxing by spending time with a cute pet] Making a rich variety of cat rice

You can exchange fashions for cats with Ndama. While having fun with the cat, take pictures of wonderful moments and enjoy the healing and heartwarming time of your pet. .


I cherish our time

Let’s visit each other with friends, design their own homes, and exchange tips on how to coordinate. is available. In addition to meeting new friends at her seaside restaurant, you can also have a private party. Get away from the stress of the city and have a good time with your family


Let’s tell a story and be surrounded by the kindness of Komori Komori Village is home to many honest and sincere residents. Residents who have the skill of
Well, the innocent and innocent residents remind me of my forgotten child. While building a house, experience a real story and create a story with us.

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