Morroc&Bean: Online MMO RPG

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The description of Morroc&Bean: Online MMO RPG (by 100px Games)

Morroc & Bean is an independent game created by fans of MMO-RPG games. We put a strong emphasis on co-operation between players. Global game chat is related to Discord,
which makes it easy for you as a player to establish relationships with other players and even with Creators who are actively involved in the community.
Morroc & Bean is a fun game that combines the classic MMO RPG style known from many classics of previous years and the mechanics of the a’la clicker game.
Our proposal is a hybrid in which every fan of classic games will find themselves. Due to the pleasant facilities offered by clickers (and I do not mean any auto-battle!), You can start the game at a bus stop or during a coffee break at work or school,
fight a few fight and put the phone in your pocket. In the evening, on the other hand, nothing prevents you from plunging into the open world of MMO-RPG while exploring the dark caves and vast areas of Oxwell.

The gameplay is divided into chapters, each chapter contains new locations, items, monsters, and quests. To unlock the next chapter, you must achieve the required progress from the previous chapter.

Morroc&Bean: Online MMO RPG

In addition to the whole range of tasks and other game modes that are geared to grind monsters or items, the city of Oxwell City is at your disposal. You can establish relationships with other players there,
buy a house where you will store your items while showing them to other players. As if that was not enough, every now and then in Oxwell City the gates to global bosses are opened, where players join forces to gain experience and items.
However, going against the routine, we decided to introduce even more variety to the game! As you progress through the chapters, you’ll unlock more game modes. One of them is building a settlement.

Morroc&Bean: Online MMO RPG

This mode takes quite a bit of focus. When building a settlement, you will have to focus on the fact that your people always have the right amount of food rations, take care of their satisfaction and the level of the city’s main resource, which is Mithrium.
Mithrium is needed to power a generator which, in turn, powers your buildings. Buildings in a settlement can produce various items, such as runes, useful items or equipment items.

Morroc&Bean: Online MMO RPG

Another interesting game mode is Weekend PVP League, or WPL for short. This is where those who love competition can show their best side. On weekdays, earn points by fighting in the PVP arena to qualify for the weekly league.
In the WPL itself, which lasts from Friday to Sunday, by fighting other players, you earn points that allow you to be promoted to higher and higher PVP leagues. The higher the league, the better the rewards at the end of the league. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
But that’s not all! However, if you prefer PVE clashes, we have prepared a game mode for you called Fields Of Battle Chasers. FoBC is a special arena to which you can buy entry for Monster Charm monsters.
In the arena, you will have to defeat a few groups of random monsters and at the end a special chest with a reward will be waiting for you.

Remember that this is still an MMO RPG, which means that almost all of the activities described above can be performed together with other players by joining parties or guilds.

The world of Morroc & Bean is constantly being developed with new mechanics, locations, items, spells and a lot of fun! We invite you! And you will certainly not be bored for the next few days and weeks!

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Morroc&Bean: Online MMO RPG

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