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Mosiang M

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mosiang M (by CIB Global)

Mosiang Jianghu Cultivation-Free Growth System
One of the biggest features of “New mosiang M” is that it breaks through the career restrictions of traditional online games and allows for completely personalized development and character training. There is no profession and no distinction between good and evil. The training process is also quite free. You can learn all martial arts freely, and you can also practice different weapons.

Mosiang M

Six weapons to choose from, diversified skills and equipment combinations
Six different weapons, including katanas, spears, swords, fists, bows, and darts. Choosing different weapons will have different skills and abilities. Players can use different skills by using different weapons.

Mosiang M

Travel around ancient China in a relaxing and enjoyable game style
The game adopts and presents many panoramic views of ancient China, including Dun Huang, Lan Chow, Chang An, Kai Feng, Beijing, Su Chow, Shaolin Temple, Mausoleum, Hang Chow, Mount Tai, Great Wall, Huang River, and other famous cities and monuments, as well as famous mountains and rivers. An era that brings historical celebrities from all over the world into the game.
The game character modeling is integrated into the martial arts system. The overall picture is relaxed and comfortable. The NPC and monster designs are vivid and interesting. The scene design is very close to the style of traditional Chinese animation. The colors are bright and rich, giving it a dreamlike feel.

Mosiang M

Fight to one’s heart content and exciting PK system
The most attractive thing about martial arts games is combat, and people in the martial arts world prefer to use combat as the ultimate way to solve problems. An exchange of blows may lead to friendship; as long as you’re having a good fight, what’s the point of fear even if you are covered in bruises? The combat operation in the game feels very good, so it is very smooth when combined with the PK system. PK is also quite free. Let players enjoy the pleasure of chasing grudges. “mosiang M” allows players to experience more tense and exciting PK.

Mosiang M

Feature-rich life system
In addition to passive skills, the life system also includes other life skills, including gathering, hunting, and mining to collect various raw materials and combine them into various unique items. In addition to enjoying the fun of killing, players can also experience the world of “Mosiang M” from another perspective.

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Mosiang M

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