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Mosing: NewWar

Official Launch(TH) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mosing: NewWar (by HAPPY TIME GAMES)

[Mosing: NewWar] is an action MMORPG adapted from the action novel and game [BlackStory]. Go with many cute characters and super fashions. and clean, beautiful graphics

Recover IP100%

The game aims to create a world of great martial artists. Filled with the aura of a martial artist adapted from novels and games. Get ready to meet a spectacular dungeon. Great main city Outstanding Monster have a unique style along with a variety of character styles Give players a special gaming experience. and get immersed in the world of martial artists that never ends

Mosing: NewWar

Pet System

pet system It is one of [Mosing: NewWar]’s exclusive systems, each pet has its own characteristics. Helps to increase stats and change strategies for players while participating in difficult dungeons and PVP modes with a variety of pet systems. Will help upgrade, upgrade and then upgrade your pet to become a legendary pet. Make the combat power doubled. All pets in the game can be raised and cannot die.

Mosing: NewWar

Awesome Drops

There were many high-level equipment drops. and various drop materials Allow players to enjoy fast character upgrades through special systems such as Trial Hall, Solo Dungeon, Team Dungeon, Clan Event, Solo BOSS, Demonic BOSS, Online Event System, Mysterious Island, Cross-Serve Battlefield can enjoy the game without spending money

Mosing: NewWar


In the world of BlackStory, there are many BOSS worlds scattered in each area. They had a lot of strength and treasures. Only the true brave will dare to challenge them. From Lv.18 up, every map has a world BOSS guarded. Shura is waiting for you to challenge. Also join a special BOSS, participate in the auction. You will also receive many rewards!

Mosing: NewWar

Fierce Battle

This game focuses on the combat experience. Use touch and attack. The allocation of skill release and strategy development directly affects the battle. Cool skill effects and combat touch give players a unique combat experience. To ensure that players feel good growth and development towards the game. In addition to the game offering many reward drops. There is also a mode of play that measures the player’s strength as well. Whether it’s the most brutal devil prison mode as well as individual and team PVP battles. Battle across servers It’s a good metric to show how strong a player is.

Available: Google Play / App Store – TH

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