Mutant Squad – Battle Arena

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mutant Squad – Battle Arena (by Trimindsgame Inc.)

Introducing a new style of MOBA game created by two indie game developers.

Enjoy the thrill of both the action and shooting genres in this casual battle arena game.

Combining shooting, action, and strategy elements to MOBA games brings new levels of fun. This game is absolutely not difficult. Easy to play like a casual game!

Many heroes who gained superhuman power with mutant energy have gathered to rule M-City.

The game features many heroes with various skills and characteristics, such as the one shot, one kill Sniper, the Assassin who transforms into a demon, and the protagonist of a classic movie reborn with a mutant power.
Form a squad with people from all over the world and participate in live battles.

Short and intense battles
-No long and boring games. Have a crazy 5 minutes fight. With a little strategy and teamwork, victory is yours.

Mutant Squad - Battle Arena
Mutant Squad - Battle Arena

Diverse squad with full of character
-More than 15 squad members with various skills and characters are available.
-You can get the squad you want just by playing the game.

Mutant Squad - Battle Arena
Mutant Squad - Battle Arena

Quick and easy rules of play
-No complicated and difficult game rules
-Original game mode only exclusive for exciting Mutant Squad
-Classic game mode for comfortable and familiar play
A variety of game modes are available. More game modes will keep updated.

Mutant Squad - Battle Arena

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