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My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal

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💡 Platform – Android

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The description of My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal (by Loongcheer Game)

Welcome to My Fairy Islands!

Look, there is an island in dark. What happened??? Suddenly a princess comes out and asks you for help. “The fairy island is trapped with Evil Magic. Please help us restore it!” Hearing what princess said, you decide to help her with cute animal friends. Now move your fingers and start your merging journey on fairy islands.

My Fairy Islands Features:

Collect Animal Baby
–Discover more than 50 kinds of magical animal babes who live in the fairy land, and foster them from baby stage to mature stage!
–Merge to foster your animal friends. They will help you explore unknown islands, harvest abundant plants and build different houses. But don’t forget, they also need a nice cabin to sleep.

My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal

Fairy World
–This a fairy world which is trapped into evil magic. Every animal and fairies are waiting for the savior, YOU. Start you merging journey with various animal parters, Unleash millions of Elven Hearts to save those islands from darkness. By the way, you couldn’t guess what gonna happen in these magical islands. Everything is out of expectation.
–Here are more than 500 kinds of plants, animals and fairies that you have never met before. Doll Girl, Snow White, Goddess Sif, Mr Gingerbread…Everyone is waiting for you on the fairy land!

My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal

Decorate the land & Explore new Islands
–Build your own land with your unique favor. You could place the houses, plants, chests and animals as you like. Is it a neat and orderly town, a wild and busy village, or a magical and stylish island? All depends on you!
–Besides, when you need some new material to beautify your land, you can have a venture to explore new islands and gain new items.

My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal

Hero Island & Mysterious Time-limited Islands
–If you like cooking and yummy dishes, you must try the Hero Island. Get recipe from fairies and princess, cook the dish you like and then turn them into material you need. Material will be send to you land for building it.
–In additions, Mysterious, unknown islands will appear from time to time, including Candy World, Jurassic Century, To Space…Really Exciting, isn’t it?

My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal

Challenge & Puzzle
–Do you want to be the fastest gamer who merges to heal those islands. ? You need not only speed and wit but some hidden tips and tricks. Come and see who will be the next one to break the record! Make you best record and share with your friends!

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My Fairy Islands: Merge Animal
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