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My Lovely Wife

Official Launch – iOS

💡 Platform – PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam, iOS

The description of My Lovely Wife (by Another Indie)

Explore one’s willingness to do anything for love and the importance of letting go in this mix of dating, management, and alchemy simulators.

I, Jake, who fell for you the day we met

Take you, Luna, to be my one and only

I will always love you and be by your side

Till death do us part

Will you do anything for the love of your life, even after they are gone?

From the creators of My Lovely Daughter, comes a twisted tale of undying love.

It all starts with a letter. A letter with a familiar handwriting and bearing a signature none other than hers—Luna, the love of your life gone too soon. In the letter, she asks you to perform otherworldly rituals to bring her back to life!

Play as Jake, a loving husband and grieving widow who is granted the power to summon dozens of succubi by a mysterious man. Work with those succubi, make them fall in love with you… and sacrifice them to create a vessel for your wife’s soul.

What price would you pay to reunite with your lovely wife?

Game Features:

A mix of dating, management and alchemy simulations in one game.

Multiple endings for a high replay value.

Gothic fantasy art style fitting for the dark themes of the game.

An eerie soundtrack that sends shivers down your spine.

An uncanny love dilemma as Jake must crush the lives of others in order to save his dear Luna.

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