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My Sweet Home Dungeon – Global

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of My Sweet Home Dungeon (by BluePotion Games)

The Grand Plan to Protect Castle, a Sweet Home for the Lord and the Minions
Fight against the Heroes raiding the Castle with Brilliant Strategies and Powerful Skills!

Block the Heroes raiding the Castle!
Fight against the Heroes attacking the dungeons.
You can summon the Minions guarding the Castle.
Each Minion has different costs and characteristics, so summon them strategically to join the battle.

My Sweet Home Dungeon

The Lord may be Tiny, but Powerful! Possession System for a Stronger Power
The Lord is in the form of a tiny and weak soul, but able to possess and control the Minions.
The stats of Minions differ by the Lord Skill and make higher synergy effects.
Bring out the outstanding power of Lord to your heart’s content by possession.

My Sweet Home Dungeon

Explore the Castle! Various Battle and Rich Content
There are secret places hidden all around the Castle.
Enter the dungeons all over the Castle for more power.
You can strengthen the defense of the castle by collecting the materials for enhancement, and building the skills.

My Sweet Home Dungeon

Golden Age for Ugly Ones! Collection of Unique Minions
Meet 64 types of Minions living in the Castle.
Each Minions has different appearance, with unique chracteristics and powers.
Experience their powerful skill and soon you will fall into their charm.

My Sweet Home Dungeon

I will be the Lord, not a Hero! A Fresh New Story
Enjoy the game with unique and interesting story.
Wonder the story of the Heros raiding the peaceful Castle, and the Lord becoming a soul?
A game with a brandnew concept, My Sweet Home Dungeon! Join the adventure to the Castle.


My Sweet Home Dungeon

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