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Mytheria – Clash of Pantheons – P2E

Early access – New Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mytheria – Clash of Pantheons (by Mytheria)

A war takes place that shakes the entire multiverse, causing Gods of different civilizations to clash with each other. In a world full of chaos, where Zeus can shake hands with Odin, Heracles fights alongside a rogue Thor, Wukong engages Ares on the battlefield, anything can happen. You have the power to build alliances between gods and heroes to form an invincible squad and create new Gods with unimaginable powers. Craft your own strategy and outwit your opponent in a game of brains.

Get ready to dive into immersive battles of the next-generation collectible card game: Mytheria – Clash of Pantheons!


FOUR DIFFERENT FACTIONS – VARIOUS PLAYSTYLE & DECK BUILD: In Mytheria, there are 4 types of factions divided into Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple Deck, along with thousands of cards, you can freely decide your path of adventure, customize your deck to achieve the top.

Mytheria - Clash of Pantheons - P2E

WRATH OF GODS – CONQUER ENEMIES: Mytheria gathers legendary gods and heroes from many different civilizations and tales. In the holy battle of gods, you can command them to conquer enemies and destroy their tower to gain victory.

Mytheria - Clash of Pantheons - P2E

UNIQUE LANING MECHANICS – COUNTLESS STRATEGIES: Combining traditional MOBA tri-laning mechanics with Mytheria’s next-generation gameplay, you can strike the enemy’s main tower or use your own strategy to defeat them.

Mytheria - Clash of Pantheons - P2E

MASSIVE SKILL SYSTEM – DOMINATE THE BATTLE: Let the enemy tase Ares’ Bloodlust and slay them with a snap of the finger, buff allies with Athena’s Brave & Wisdom, or summon deep ocean’s Kraken with the ability of Poseidon… Mytheria features hundreds of unique God Skills and Spell Cards which you can combine into your personal tactics and skillset.

STUNNING ARTWORK – EPIC SOUND EFFECTS: In the majestic universe of Mytheria, each character is refined and invested in the background story, psychological development, and graphics. The game development team aims to give players a vivid, insightful world with top-notch graphics and sound systems.

Official website

Available: Google Play – US, PH

Mytheria - Clash of Pantheons - P2E
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