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Mythic Chronicles

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mythic Chronicles (by Five Elements)

A god-playing adventure between Greek and Norse mythology.

Have you ever imagined which one will be the last one standing from a fight between the God of Thunder from the Greek mythology and the Norse mythology?
You’re about to experience a God-playing game to hunt down every mythic roles that you know for a long time. Multiple impossible things that only happen in your dreams are capable to come ture now. Trade with Hermes, start a fight with Ares, or even have Loki as your teammate.

Mythic Chronicles

 God-playing adventure
Three formidable gods are capable to be chosen to step into the majestic world. Feel the mightiness of the ancient great ones.

Mythic Chronicles

 Abundant fancy suits
Various outfits are free to be matched and dressed for different occasions. Brighter future comes with thy appropriate suits.

Mythic Chronicles

 Hunt down Mythical roles
Most Mythical roles will show up along your journey. You can even try to slay some of them to fulfill your destiny.

Mythic Chronicles

 Flexible skill setup
Configure your skill set according to different battle condition. Every skill points could matter how your battle goes.

Available: Google Play – US

Mythic Chronicles

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