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Mythic Girls

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS (Several countries)

The description of Mythic Girls (by Abjuice)

After endless years, you, one of the Holy Guardians of the Creator of the World awaken…
However, your Heart of God is broken and scattered all over the world…
At the same time, the Darkness legion is gathering again to invade the Erica Land…
The story of Mythic Girls starts from here. You will then enchanter many girls who gain the inheritance of the shards of the Heart of God and fight against the Darkness Legion.

Game Features

Find Mythic Girls and Resist the Darkness Force
You will encounter Mythic Girls with the power of the shard of the Heart of God. Mythic girls are from different races and have unique personalities. They also have their careers and special skills which may help you a lot in battle. These girls are your strong allies and also your families.

Mythic Girls

Team-up for Adventure, Strategic Battle
Wisely set up your Mythic Girls team. There are 6 careers of Mythic Girls and you can deploy them into the 3+3 team. Front-row and Back-row position matters. Skills match is important, and merging skills will surely greatly enhance your team’s power.

Easy in Hero Cultivation
All the consumption of hero cultivation can be returned through a reborn system. No waste of resources. You can also forge gears in the blacksmith with materials acquired in the dungeon to strengthen your heroes.
Besides, advanced cultivation systems such as the Divinity System and Pet System are also waiting for you.

Mythic Girls

Multiple New PVE Gameplays
-Team up to clear stages and make friends.
-Challenge Kingdom Tunnel and acquire special gears.
-Open the Ruins of Gods and find surprising hidden chests.
-Explore Goroka Ruins with random events and gifts.
And so on…

Mythic Girls

Guild Gameplays
Join a guild in the game, then you will unlock guild gameplay including Resouces hang-up, Guild boss, Escort, and so on.
Teams member can help each other and also communicate easily.

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Mythic Girls

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